Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A New Years Resolution...

It's been many years since I would consider myself a true resident of Gameland. I've found myself slipping a little more into the real world with each passing month. Oh sure, I had that crazily intense affair with Diablo 2 a year or so ago... and there was those minor flings with WoW and Dawn of War... but it's been quite some time since I've been in a true relationship with gaming.

I remember those days so fondly and can't for the life of me figure out why I stopped.

The New Year is a time for cliche resolutions. I will lose weight... I will get out of debt... I will get off "the crack"... ;) It always seems that the New Year is about promising to do less of the "bad stuff" in life. But for my resolution... I vow to do more gaming!

I WILL paint the miniatures I've been meaning to paint! (Rippers anyone?)
I WILL put all the arms and legs back on my Rubric Squads! (Maybe my dice rolls will improve)
I WILL turn more things into Chaos Spawn! (any chaplains out there?)
I WILL get a character of mine in WoW past 26th level!
I WILL go to some gaming conventions!
I WILL romp merrily though a plethora of RPG universes... Curse my dice rolls though many a miniature game... fixate over more CCG's...(this is the "crack" I was referring to previously... cough cough) Experience the delights of these new fangled "Next Gen" Console Systems... Boot my computer for more then just email... Have more wood for sheep... Bang! more people in jail... Build more castles... Fix more starships... Race more robots... Toss more dice... Flip more Cards... Move more pieces... more... more... MORE!!!

and most of all...

I WILL tell all of yous about it!

A year from now I should once again be a denizen of Gameland.


  1. I hope to be part of this endeavor ;-)

  2. Me too! Sean and I have loved playing the Forbidden Island you got us for X-mas!

  3. He was not the Chaplin I needed, he was the Chaplin I deserved. Then you sorted him out right proper and he wasn't a Chaplin at all. How did it feel to break my dreams on a 4+?

  4. Your shattered dreams tasted delicious to the almighty Tzeentch. ;)

    (Especially since a 4+ to me is as probable as a 6+ to pretty much everyone else in the world for some reason...)

    See Painting Munky? The shit talk happens no matter the gender... :) I prove you right!

  5. Awesome, I am dieing to see those Thousand Sons on the table Kicking some tail!


  6. Hopefully seeing you paint the minis you've been meaning to paint will give me the motivation to paint the minis I have to paint. :o)

  7. Any time you want to race some robots around a factory, I'm down!